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adherent360 is a pharmacy technology company dedicated to providing patient-centric medication access solutions

our mission

Steve Wilcher - adherent360

Ensure every patient has convenient access to prescription medications

Transportation, cost, and physical limitations are just a few roadblocks patients face in order to receive their medications. Roadblocks cause non-adherence, readmissions, and elevated healthcare costs.

adherent360 focuses on making sure that regardless of limitation a patient can go home with their medications or have them delivered shortly after they arrive at home.

Steve Wilcher - adherent360

Ease the burden on
clinical staff

Over the past few years, staffing has become a challenge. Patient needs have increased, and clinical staff are being asked to do more with less.

adherent360 focuses on providing automation that reduces manual steps in pharmacy process by automating decisions, connecting patients with providers, and overall reducing time throughout the transitions of care.

Steve Wilcher - adherent360

Lower the cost of care

The cost of healthcare has never been higher. Events outside of the control of providers are resulting in patients representing with the same disease states.

By assisting pharmacies and focusing on controlling and measuring adherence, adherent360 aims to play its part in improving the health of patients nationwide and lowering the cost of care for all.

our story

In 2013, QMeds Inc. “QuiqMeds” was created to ensure that patients across the country would have a more convenient way to access prescriptions. The QuiqMeds platform was created to accomplish this goal, while also making the process convenient for clinical staff supporting patient visits to primary care, urgent care, and acute and ambulatory care.

As the healthcare process has evolved over the last several years, so have we. As we listened to the problems facing health system pharmacies, it was clear that as a technology provider, we could do more. With that understanding, in 2023, QuiqMeds evolved and became adherent360 to expand past our foundational point-of-care physician dispensing technology to provide a more comprehensive solution to our health system partners.

At a time when the pharmacy industry is changing, adherent360 is uniquely prepared to enable health systems and providers to contain their costs around value-based care, patient outcomes, and hospital readmissions by supporting hospital pharmacies and their discharge processes throughout the transitions of care.

Steve Wilcher - adherent360

leadership team

Steve Wilcher - adherent360

Steve Wilcher


Mr. Wilcher is the CEO of adherent360. He has been with the organization since its inception, and previously as the Chief Product and Technology officer, he designed and implemented the foundational adherent360 technology into a unique industry leading solution. He brings over 20 years of experience in US healthcare IT, specifically in complex pharmacy technology system design and implementation.

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Sasha Afanassiev


Mr. Afanassiev brings a broad range of accounting and finance experience to the role of Chief Financial Officer. He commenced his career in public accounting servicing a diverse client base. In 2002 he established a managerial accounting and tax consulting firm as principal and founder. Prior to joining adherent360, Mr. Afanassiev served for five years as Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance, and Treasurer at QuantRx Biomedical Corp., a publicly held company.

board of directors

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Chairman of the Board

Dr. Jacques Gonella, Ph.D.




Dr. Leonard S. Jacob M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Hon)




Dr. Lawrence Jay Kessel, M.D. F.A.C.P.